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SEO Resource Accepts Google Grants

SEO Resource , a seo firm that deals with non-profit organizations is taking Google up on their Google Grants deal.

SEO Resource sees this as a great deal, when a substantial company that is best-in-class recently turns their cash-cow public by means of IPO and in the same breath states, We’ve just made a great deal of loan, so the very first thing we are going to finish with it is offer some back, says Kantola. The non-profits revenue by this culture of business generosity. Now let’s see if, as usual, the other huge Internet search engines and directories follows Google’s lead.

Besides assisting non-profits, SEO Resource likewise assists small to medium sized company accomplish leading search engine rankings too.

We are dealing with such companies as U. S. Doctors for Africa and Neuroscience Initiative to give these non-profits direct exposure on the Internet and aid link them with donors and volunteers who wish to help with these causes, Mr. Kantola states. The Google Grants program is an exceptional opportunity for increasing exposure for these sites and this complements the search engine optimization work that we do. These two non-profits have already signed up.

Google Vice President of global online sales and operations, Sheryl Sandburg, has mentioned on numerous websites that Google wishes to return to the community and it would be a great chance for us to refer people interested in the subjects that these non-profits work on.”

According to the information area of the Google Grants location the application process works as follows: The Google Grants committee (consisting of Google employees) is accountable for selecting award recipients. We will validate your 501(c)( 3) status, and review your application carefully. In this section, Google mentions that 80-percent of the non-profit companies, year-to-date have actually fulfilled the criteria of the grants program.

Talk of Google Grants first surfaced in January 2004 and now the talk has resumed with the current re-introduction of the Google Grants program at: which awards free AdWords advertising to 501( c)( 3) organizations.

SEO Resource, a company which also believes in returning, works with non-profit organizations on a philanthropic basis and promotes these sites through SEM techniques to get direct exposure for worthwhile causes, inning accordance with Kevin S. Kantola, CEO of SEO Resource.